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Felipe Sevilha

 LFSW Username: fivetechteam
- In-game name: Felipe S.
- PB time which meets our time requirements: FBM BL2: 1.12.250
- Country: Brazil
- Your age: 16
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2
- Total laps driven: +3000
- Your Safety in MRc demo servers: 74.14% (It's kind of low because I haven't played LFS in a while)
- Favorite Track and car: BF1 at SO4
- Why you want to join MRc Team: It's a team I've been following for years, and it would be an honor to join a traditional team like this
- What do you expect from being in MRc: Improve my riding skills, and be able to bring multiple podiums (and victories) to the team.

yes from me :d

such a nice and respectful guy, fast on track and amazing modder, love the f2 wheel for the fbm man! a completely yes for me!

this would mean more mrc latam members :eyes:


I know him and his driving style, which I approve of.
I also believe he could bring so much more for the team outside of the track, like modding and painting for example.

Yes for me!

We are looking mainly for new active drivers, and you don't have race activity for the past month. That's the reason we have to say no for now.

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