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LFSW username: _Aur1s
In game name: x Mercy x
BL2 @ FBM : 1:12.71
Country: Lithuania
Age: 17
License: S2
Safety: 81,18 %
Favorite Track: Kyoto Ring National
Favorite car: XFG
I want to become a member of the team and improve with them and learn from them, it is much more fun to communicate with my team members in a team

Had the chance to participate in quite a few races with this person. Didn't have any bad experiences - fair driver, acknowledges own mistakes, doesn't mind discussing accidents if there were any. An active player, can be seen in leagues quite often. I can only assume he will improve more in the future.

Positive from my perspective, I wish you the best of luck getting into the team.

Cancelled for now due to inacticity. You can reply if the situation changes and we will check again.

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