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-LFSW Username: noob@driver
- In-game name: EoweiNN

                                                          -PB time which meets our time requirements: 1.12.24 BL2 @ FBM (in MRC FBM Server)
                                                                                                                              1.12.15 BL2 @ FBM (in time trial)
-Country: Turkey   
 - Your age: 21
               - License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2
- Your safety: %93.25
                                                    - Favorite track and car: BL2 & Kyoto National/ FBM & FOX

                          - Why you want to join MRc Team/ What do you expect from being in MRc:

I want to develop myself for LFS. And I think the best way to do this is to join the MRc team. I have been playing this game alone and without any purpose for a very long time. But now I want to have a more professional and fun time with your team. I am here to have fun and have a pleasant time with you.

With my love and respect, EoweiNN

Had some time with him at FBM demo server. He is cool, respectful, and fast. He is trying to develop himself, proved it by winning !mvp last week. A definitely YES from me! Looking forward to race with you mate:))

Very nice pace, good safety and as mentioned last week's mvp. Also done reports to keep servers trouble-free.

Accepted to trainee phase. Check your inbox for more info.

Thank you so much. I will try to be worthy of the MRc team.

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