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-LFSW Username- emrekaans
-In-game name:Emre*Kaan
-PB time which meets our time requirements: BL2/FBM :1.12.45
-Country: Turkey

-Your age:16
-License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): Demo
-Your Safety: %94.77
-Favorite Track and car: Blackwood/FBM
-Why you want to join MRc Team:I am online usually and i like lfs. Everyone on the team is respectful to each other 

-What do you expect from being in MRc: I expect fair good and fast racing also be faster and meet new people in the team.I would be proud to be in the team 

He's a good guy, learning fast, getting fast every lap. One day he's gonna be so fast :) I hope he 'll be accepted, yes from me :)

Well, now that I've raced with him quite a few times already, I can truly say that he is actually a decent and clean racer. He's online pretty often. And one big plus I can see is his constant improvement day to day (i think i witnessed 3 of your pbs set). However, I would like to see you put more effort / proactiveness in warning/advicing any naughty behaviour. All in all, I actually see him as a decent asset to the team :)

Hello mates,

I see him daily on MRc servers. All I can say is that he is a fast racer with humility and development opportunities! Despite his young age, he adapts respectfully to other competitors. A big yes!


Every time i get on MRc FBM servers with people in it i find Emree which is big plus in my opinion, if someone is not following the rules hes there to help them and warn them.

Welcome to the team mate, we had a few reservations on your application so the trainee period might be longer than normal but good luck.

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