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Application by botagas

- LFSW Username: botagas
- In-game name: botagas
- PB time which meets our time requirements: Well, I have ~1.12.53 on BL2 with FBM, I had 1:08.82 on Rallycross with XFG (ages ago, nowadays I can't do 1:08). Recently, I did a few laps on BL1 with XRG and managed 1:34.43 (I don't remember since it was a short period of time, but it says so when I come on the server), and literally just hopped onto BL2 with XRG and did 1:33.61 in 3 laps. That's all I can give right now.
- Country: Lithuania
- Your age: 20 years
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2
- Your Safety: 91.99%, raised it by about 20% in the last week or two since I was gone for a few years (did stats get reset?).
- Favorite Track and car: I just recently bought S2, so I spend my time in multiclass racing to learn more tracks with the different cars (having difficulties in some tracks, in others not). So far, I liked racing on South City with TBO, recently hop on to BL2 with FBM. However, I used to love Rally ever since 2011 when I started playing (which is around when I was actively trying to go below 1:08).
- Why you want to join MRc Team: Mainly just that I see a lot of misbehaving racers recently. Actually, it has been like that ever since I started playing - you always see new people come in, that's the truth I suppose. I have been in the game on and off since 2011, leaving huge gaps in between the stops, but whenever I play, I mostly play at times I don't see any admins. As a fellow player, I always do vote for such people and most of the time get supported by the other racers who witness the accidents, so that doesn't even bring in much difference. Perhaps I am just too attached to the teams or members of the teams that I have known and met over the years. Perhaps I'm drawn to being in a higher position (it always ends up like this whenever I go - be it my studies, games or anything, I always end up applying for something more eventually).
- What do you expect from being in MRc: I don't really expect anything as in getting benefits or anything. I just love racing, I remember some of your team members (as well as AA members) since years and ages ago who taught me on some tracks (and you don't remember me, trust me). I am glad to have met such people, I have tons of setups from all of you, and have learnt a lot over the years. Even to this day I don't have a wheel and would love to buy one eventually, but the odds are always against me it seems.

There is only one thing I'd like to warn you about before you consider my application. I am not an incredibly active person, I am studying music, I do have other activities and responsibilities that I need to attend, my time is usually very limited even when I procrastinate, which leads to the fact that, I cannot really promise you the "availability" condition you desire. Whatever you choose, I am glad to have reached out to you after all those years. I hope you all stay well during these dire times. 

And by the way, you might think you've never seen me before, but I was actually a part of the old forum before and even had an application once when I was younger (and I believe got rejected, no idea now). That's some night trivia for today, lads.


What was your name on our previous forum, i was unable to find your previous application

thank you

[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

Hi guys,

I raced several times with botogas. I saw his good behavior and helpful attitude. He always reacted to the situations in the race, according to the rules. His reasoning is completely appropriate and understandable.

Sorry for the waiting, rest assured we will let you know as soon as possible,

Thank you for your patience

[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

I don't see a reason why Botagas can't be added as trainee.

Unless any objections I will add in tomorrow night.

I haven't raced him much but, when i did he was safe and fast. Yes from me :)

Yes for me, man is telling some facts and hes willing to help us when he can. I saw him posting on discord and being active there so thats one more +.
Good luck :)


AKA [MRc]botagas

Welcome to the team mate  mrc

Get that [MRc] tag on and get racing.

2784389376  You are down as trainee for a bit so we can all get to know each other, but if you stay active and keep acting as you do it wont be long till you are a full member 2848398022

You have been plenty active. As importantly you have helped others on the server as well as admins with the reports.

Trainee phase over, Full member now 2784389376

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