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- LFSW Username: KevinSIld
- In-game name: KevinS
- PB time which meets our time requirements: BL1 @ FBM : 1:14:20
- Country: Estonia
- Your age: 19
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2
- Your Safety:
- Favorite Track and car: Aston National with FZ50 GTR
- Why you want to join MRc Team: I like sim racing and racing with good drivers
- What do you expect from being in MRc: For approving me :D
[Image: mrc64.png]

Hey KevinS.

I think the PB time you wrote is on BL2, and is actually 1:14.84
You can check it here and fix the post.

Please also add the safety, You can see it by typing !rt on our servers.


Please post again if your still interested in joining MRc.

This application has been rejected please feel free to apply again in the future.

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