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Cant join any MRc server

so i was joining MRc Formula BMW i joined perfectly nothing wrong
after about 15 seconds it says

>Erencan0727 CPW
Lost connection to host 
i think it happened a week ago.
[Image: 2848398022.gif]

CPW means cheat protection, so you should do a clean install of LFS and not download any mods/cheats.

You can download the newest version here.

is it becouse of mods or tweakers? thank you by the way.

Tweakers for sure. I don't think it does it for mods, if you mean like shader mods.

i dont have shader mods i have a nissan 240sx mod but yes i do have tweakers.

Ok, just to remind that tweakers are strictly prohibited in most racing servers, inluding ours.

So you can choose to remove those or not join MRc servers.

btw i use tweakers ONLY on servers that allows them.
i always close the apps before joining mrc but i guess im never gonna use them.
thank you

CPW is cheat protection warning appear's when a program is running that is/has edited something within memory(how cheats/trainers ect work) , if it was due to modded VOB then it will keep giving 00S or OOS, I will have to check what it would say if using a modded EXE
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