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Huge Apology to Simon and the MRc Team

This is an apology to not just Simon but to the whole MRc team. I have recently came back to LFS after a 3 month break. Ive started doing more sims and became a better driver and ive noticed alot of crap i left behind that i did.
First off, i was a way too aggressive young driver. I should not have acted like I was always right with the rules and all. It was really dumb. I have now been sim racing a year and about 3 months and i started my sim racing career in LFS in MRc. I acted like i owned the place when I did not. First off to this is to Bish; I should not have acted like i knew everything about the car and about FIA Opened Wheeled racing and the rules and all. I acted like a huge d*** alot of the time. Im sorry for wasting alot of your time having to deal with my s***. Next is an apology to the whole MRc team. Im sorry about all the bad times weve had, but i have had alot of fun with yall in the past, and hopefully more in the future. Sorry to the Mrc team. Now this is to Simon. I am extremely sorry for wasting your time and having to deal with my bulls*** when i was a younger driver. I am so sorry. After ive became a way faster driver Ive realize how ANNOYING it was. I am extremely sorry for the constant arguing and bulls***. Im extremely sorry to you.

Once again I am sorry for my past in LFS with Bish, Simon ,and the MRC Team. I do not know what the future has in store but i needed to say that. Thanks for the fun times in my young Sim Racing Career. Sorry for the bullcrap I pulled in my young Sim Racing Career. I'll talk to yall whenever im online and all. Cheers!

Thats nice to hear from you man. Most important thing that you realized your mistakes and i hope you capitalize on them. I hope u will settle everything with Simon and others so we can have a FAIR wheel to wheel racing :)


Unfortunatley I have heard all the apologies before this was on the old forum roughly a year ago and the driving and insults continued to get worse.  Ashton talks the talk tells you what you what to hear but cannot follow up with the promise. 2848398022

Thank you for the apologies and i respect that but i agree with simon, i know that the bigger issue was how you behaved and spoke with others on discord which i believe was very very bad and left the only option being to ban
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