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Spells real weight=?

Now that the heaviest man winner is clear (spell) its time to solve his real weight.

Countless times i have heard him mention his height which is somewhere in the 5'5 range = 167 cm, being this short and the heaviest man is a health hazard, but it is his life choice so i cannot judge him.

My guess is that he is probably over 150kg, since he is more heavier than people that fall short of that, that is my guess. 

I also base my guess of a picture that i found from spells facebook page:

Feel free to submit your guesses down below.

It's easy to calculate. Considering he is limad3, we use the number 3 multiplied by the seconds from his FBM BL2 pb and add 3,14. After that we multiply everything by 10. So this leads to the calculation (3*11+3,14)*10 =36,14 * 10 = 361,4kg.
Following the same logic i calculated that you are in fact 0 kg as you are limad0

Hmm, good try, but spell is actually limad 4. Don't worry, i did the recalculation.

The answer is actually 471,4 kg. To be honest, id rather be weightless.

It's been a while but i guess i should show you where you messed up with the calculations. Gemini voted my name and as he/she is on a whole new level of size his/her would would count for 20+ votes hense why votes to views do not make sence.

Solid answer, i wonder if he will take that.

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