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- LFSW Username: Ballwalk
- In-game name: Flag
- PB time which meets our time requirements: 1:12:08
- Country: Estonia
- Your age: 21
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2
- Your Safety: ~94%
- Favorite Track and car: BL Historic and FBM
- Why you want to join MRc Team: To have a motivation to annoy my ISP more so they fix my internet.
- What do you expect from being in MRc: Forcing me to annoy ISP more so they fix my internet.

To be honest I don't expect anything, I am very new (under 1 month racing not cruising or drifting) but I meet requirements so I'll try.


Application wise everything looks fine, even great. You have also been super active in our servers which is a huge plus.

Let's wait for others input.

I'm ok either way good driver active last few weeks, my only concern is that you have only started driving again really this month you drove a few days last month. But that was it for months.

But it has mostly been on MRc.

The annoying my ISP part had me ded

It was meant more like for a month not this month. You will probably find me more from last year etc. But that was only for a very short time and I haven't taken LFS seriously before. To explain a little bit better, I bought a wheel last year but went to military for 8 months after that and then worked in the summer and played very little. Now when I'm going to school again I'm playing more. Little bit too much into personal life but maybe it will clear things up. And yes I have had LFS for quite some time now (years).

EDIT: Before you ask I think I should explain the situation of having LFS for years also and my sim racing "career". I don't know how many years I have had it exactly but you can look it up to have a better idea. I had the cheapest ACME wheel you can buy and it was REALLY inaccurate, in XFG for example i turned wheel 1° and in game it turned like 10°. So I used it for Dirt games and have countless of hours in Grid and Dirt3 with friends. A friend told me about LFS when suddenly everyone was playing it (drifting mostly). I played with my cheap wheel and had a blast but it wasn't that great. Couldn't race on circuits because of how bad it was and it was only usable for drifting. Played on cruise servers a lot also. Then I switched to CSGO for many years (I was actually very good there). Then I started to play Dirt Rally with my cheap wheel because it was only playable simulator. And then bought a wheel and had a break again as I described earlier. I started to get out on weekends when Dirt Rally 2 came out and played it a little. And now I'm here, not really any racing experience but I'm learning. I really don't like to talk about myself on the internet like that actually, but I've done it twice already...

Once i got talking to flag and raced with him i feel like he is a decent person, i know his internet cutting out will annoy him more than it could anyone else . i too noticed not very active before the past weeks but i did notice that you would be online a few times every now and then which i have not noticed you being with anyone that we would worry about and its quite possible that you need a reason to make you more active such as joining a team.
I am certain i remember your name from years ago, if it be on our servers or cargame, im sure it was one of them unless you raced on my old teams oval server (VRT)

i have no problem with him joining and if eveyone else agrees then we can move forward with the application and you can become a member
[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

Please bear with us, just need to confirm that we all agree then we can move forwards mate, its one of the fine points here at MRc in that we value each others opinions , i personally do not see any reason where they would be a problem
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I would say go for it with limited rights for a week or so like normal.

Hello Flag,

I am often connected as all know, and every time when i drive with flag it's a good race, never i had problem with him, he respect all rules and him is a good and safety driver moreover he has a good pb. For that's all the requirements is completed.

But Flag you have very often problem with your network, you have many lagg but i think is more annoying for you than other players. So that would be good you fix/ adjust/ remplace modem but until this problem are regled it is not a problem for me.

So i joined opinon of bish in bulk so for the moment and for the future i think he is a good element for the team. Yeeessss i know i'm new in MRc  TEAM but i need to partage my opinion with you.

Awaiting i say good day/night at everyone and flag GOOD LUCK for your application, i'm with you :-)


Go man, move up! join [MRc], is the best team of lfs! 1860791280


I think then its ok for me to accept your application, You will be made as a trainee member then progress shortly, this is normal. I will add you to our server member list so you can use the [MRc] tag

Welcome to the team

@Camel , we are all equal and your opinion matters as much as anyone else's mate :)
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