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Can't find [MRc] Qualify BL1 on the server list

So everytime i want to join [MRc] Formula BMW i can't join the track becuase of bad lap time and wants me to join [MRc] Qualify BL1 to get 1:18:35... so i got the the server list and i look for [MRc] Qualify BL1 but can't find it i check empty and full server i even checked private servers but can't find it but all of the other servers exists. Please help!

You can use this and click on the title of the server you want to join :D

There is no such server as [MRc] Qualify Bl1 anymore. Old information on the server message, which is now fixed.

You can now join [MRc] Formula BMW, because it will be unlocked by default now. If it isn't, please ask an admin to remove lock.

okey thanks!

At times when busy it is necassary to lock the server otherwise it does cause issues like constant blue flags and the need to kick for people crashing and not spectating causing the race leaders to have their races ruined and then many leaving after having so much of it ,we understand that not all new racers are like this but its near to impossible to tell, if this is the case we will make sure that the other formula bmw server pro will be unlocked
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