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Shamz Application

What you did was quite daft in all honesty and people have been banned for similar, didobmw only said to you the same what i would say to anyone including team members if they had done the same(a member who had been with us for 8 years was removed for wreckless driving but on multiple occasions) . hopefully a one-off and it can be forgotten
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I'd hope that this general discussion would be posted on a new thread, under complains&compliments board. Seems like there might a need to update/rephrase some rules to make them more clear. Regarding Shamz the accident is handled already in this thread.

Now, do members have any positives/negatives about Shamz during the the trainee period? Can we move forward with application? For myself, I've done few events with him and there his racing has been respectful.

Yeah he's good to go for me

Apart from the said incident which he has said sorry, i think all is good :)

(please no-one delete anything from threads without asking first, it was mostly relevant and important for future reference, apart from the off-topic) :)
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No activity from past two weeks and that is perfectly fine by itself. 

But the trainee phase is there for gaining experience from you, so this application has to sit like this a little longer.

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