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Shamz Application

Activity seems better and we have had some time to get to know him.

I suggest let him in as a trainee member. It's cold, wet and miserable outside MRc Icon_sad

What is the status of my application :)

Should be good to go. Deffo more active, gemini?

I'm good with trainee but leave it a few days to see if anyone object's.

no objections from me :)
[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

Embrace yourself for the limad 0 jokes.

Maybe you know the drill, but
- from now on wear the [MRc] tag
-please check the rules on more time, type !rules on servers
-kicks are now instant, use them only when you have full awareness of the situation (remember a verbal warning first)
-be respectful, you represent the team
-have fun

You will advance to full member shortly, if you do the above and don't stomp any kittens in free time.

Welcome to the wide world of racing Shamz, another one biting the bullet from Cruise!

Congraulations buddy!

First incident already -
[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

(12-01-2019, 10:53 AM)Mrc_Bish Wrote: First incident already -

Shamz, please pin the shift+S to your wheel if you haven't already.
[Image: sha.png]

When you have made a mistake, easiest way is just to say sorry when you have a chance.

First off, this accident was before I was accepted and immediately after this incident, a spectator bind has been bounded to my wheel to avoid this from reoccurring. Secondly, this incident happened in my 2nd race of having my new wheel. Following the incident, not even 2 seconds, I was immediately kicked without the chance to apologise for what I had done. Upon rejoining to apologise for my actions i was greeted with disrespect from dido (GD Bad) of which one of his statements were, 'MRc will never accept a horrible racer like you'.

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