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12284211 [MRc] Demo Challenge 2020
Posted by: Ricky - 01-17-2020, 04:07 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

Dear all,

i´ve planned a new Event, just for Demo Members. Please see on the attachment all information and rules.

Best regards
[MRc] Ricky

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Reject10 Linus (The Alchemist) Application to Join MRC
Posted by: TheAlchemist - 01-15-2020, 12:29 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (8)

- LFSW Username: ajassat
- In-game name: Linus > The Alchemist
- PB time which meets our time requirements: 1.13.90 (BL Historic, FBM)
- Country: United Kingdom
- Your age: 24
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): S2 (S3 Purchase end of March 2020)
- Your Safety: 86%
- Favorite Track and car: BL Historic, FBM
- Why you want to join MRc Team: I have been a LFS player for over 8+ years. I was heavily involved around the years 2013-2015. Around 2015 life got a little busy for me, with studies etc. I have now finished studies and have alot more free time. I have decided to join back on LFS. I have spent around 1.5 months daily on the MRC FORMULA BMW server in specific, and honestly could not fault the server, its people, its rules and general atmosphere. During my time here I have made some good friends, some who are MRC members and general racers. I belive becoming part of the MRC team, I can be an influential member both on the server and socially. Also I am pretty active on the server being online most of the day.

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Accept11 TheDog123
Posted by: aspect sensei - 01-07-2020, 04:32 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (9)

-LFSW Username: TheDog123
-In-game name:SenSei
-PB time which meets our time requirements: BL2+FBM = 1:12.82
-Country: Netherlands
-Your age: 18
-License S2
-Your Safety: 93.71%
-Favourite Track and car:  BL2+FBM = 1:12.82
-Why you want to join MRc Team: The reason I want to join MRc is because I wanted to be a part of the mrc team i want to help people in the server and my teammates :)
-What do you expect from being in MRc: I expect to be a good member that anyone can trust and that i can improve my racing skills and social :)

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Posted by: Red Bottoms - 01-03-2020, 04:34 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (15)

mrc mrc mrc mrc mrc
RACE TIME - Every Monday 20:00 GMT lasting 1 Hour long.
Qualifying starts 19:15 on the day and lasts 45 minutes with open qualifying.
1 pit stop is required, there is no mandatory work to the car, but you can fuel, fix damage, setup changes or change tyres if you want.

1. English only in main chat (we understand there are language barriers however when given the opportunity too many people used that as an excuse to curse in foreign languages.) If you'd like to talk with someone in a foreign language please use the !PM system.
2. No swearing or cursing.
3. You must race in a car which is within the appropriate class. (e.g GT3 = FX3/FZ3/XR3 only). If you are unsure of the restriction, please use the command !cars which shows you a list of cars and the intake/weight restriction required.

4. The car you Qualify MUST be the same car you Race with for that specific race. (Changing between races is fine).
5. The pit exit lane MUST be used with not a single tyre past the line. (It is okay to cross the pit entry lane however).
6. Blue flags MUST be respected at all times and carried out in a safe way which minimizes the time lost on the car which is trying to pass. (If you are trying to unlap yourself, only consider it if your pace is marginally greater to the car you're trying to unlap).
7. There will be zero tolerance for insults, racism, discrimination and spamming in the chat.
8. Ramming/Revenge ramming or deliberate contact is unacceptable.
9. Cheats/Hacks will warrant a LIFETIME ban, (Bump drafting is considered cheating).
10. "SHIFT+S" or "/spec" if you crash with the chance of ruining someone else's race. (It YOUR responsibility to judge whether it's appropriate to spec or not in a given situation so make the right choice!)
11. Respect other people on the server.
12. Do NOT vote restart or qualify with admins present. (Ask us and we will).
13. If you crash anyone please apologize AFTER the race (Binded "sorry/no problem" during race is fine).
14. NEVER stop on or near the track in a place which can affect other drivers. (if you wish to AFK please spectate).
15. NEVER drive wrong way ANYWHERE on track.

16. If you crash or go off the track, you MUST look before rejoining to avoid a crash. It is safer to rejoin the track at a shallow angle, so your car is facing mostly in the direction of the track rather than perpendicular.

There will be 2 championship cups to be won in this event.
Constructors - for teams.
Drivers - for individual drivers.
ONLY the top 2 finishing drivers from their will score constructors points for their team.

Drivers will score points according to the positions as shown below.

Position - Points Awarded

1st  -  25 pts
2nd  -  20 pts
3rd  -  18 pts

4th  -  15 pts

5th  -  12 pts

6th  -  10 pts

7th  -  9 pts

8th  -  8 pts

9th  -  7 pts

10th  -  6 pts

11th  -  5 pts

12th  -  4 pts

13th  -  3 pts

14th  -  2 pts

15th  -  1 pt

There will also be 3 points awarded to the driver who holds the fastest lap at the end of the race as long as they finish within the top 15 positions. If they don't finish within the top 15 the 3 points will be given to the next fastest lap (on the basis they're in the top 15).

After each race the points will be added up and put on a spreadsheet.

The choice of track/class for the following week will either be polled or given to last week's winner to decide.

If you would like to enter your team into the championship, please PM me on either discord or the forums with your team name and drivers. To avoid confusion you MUST use your team tag in the race to score points for your team. If you decide to change team mid season, your points will be removed and transferred over to your next team, just make sure you let me know.

If you are unsure about something, or have any questions feel free to PM an MRc member who will happily help you.


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Accept11 Cold_Water
Posted by: ARC - 01-03-2020, 04:27 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (12)

LFSW Username: Cold_Water
In-game name: ARC
PB time which meets our time requirements: FBM at BL2 1:13.27
Country: United States
Age: 14
License: S2
Safety: 80.1%
Favorite Track and car: XRR BL1r
Why you want to join the MRc team: I was recommended by [MRc] Bishmyster after we had a good couple of races on MRC Formula BMW. I want to join as I do not really have any friends on LFS, and I want to be a part of a team that makes some of the best servers on LFS.
What I expect from being in MRc: I expect to have some good racing and become more experienced and skilled. Also to make friends with more of the members.

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  New Year
Posted by: Mrc_Bish - 12-31-2019, 05:35 PM - Forum: About the team - Replies (2)


Happy New Year 

Id like to wish everyone a happy new year and hope 2020 is a great one for all

thank you everyone for all the work you have put into the team and servers throughout 2019

Big Thank you to MRc Simon for all you have done to keep things running smoothly

Best Wishes 

Bish + family 

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Posted by: Mrc_Bish - 12-31-2019, 01:31 PM - Forum: Live for Speed - Replies (12)


A Video from the Developer's of LFS 

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Import10 Community Guidelines
Posted by: Mrc_Bish - 12-24-2019, 02:04 AM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (1)

Here are things that will get your comment or forum post removed and quite possibly get you banned. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Our moderators reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate.

Spam: Zero tolerance, of course! If it comes from a human or a robot, spam will be deleted. This includes self-promotion. Generally speaking, promoting your projects here will be treated like any other spam.
Personal attack

Don’t be a jerk, call people jerks, or react to jerks. We’ll remove bad stuff when we see it.

Racism, sexism, and other discrimination -  Attacking entire classes of people is just like attacking a single person: we’ll ban you for it.

This list is only the start and will be updated over time, this is too protect your rights along with our own

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  Procedure of punishment misunderstanding
Posted by: Mrc_Bish - 12-21-2019, 11:37 PM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (1)

Many are confused regarding punishments for rule breaking so il clear it up. Apart from this, it is not up for discussion

INCORRECT STATEMENT - A warning must always be given first  - Reason why - All incidents have a different severity, would you only warn someone that on purpose goes full gas into everyone at turn 1 on blackwood ? and should they get the same punishment as someone that done a less severe thing ? Answer is No to them both 

imagine the police having to give everyone a caution no matter how serious the crime ! it does not work

Correct - Members are not exempt from the rules, where as when a member does something that would be worthy of a ban they will be removed from the team

Any racer or member who tries to cause rifts in the team will immediately be removed - We have never allowed it at MRc and will not start allowing it now

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  (Question) Procedures to enforce rules
Posted by: Shamz - 12-03-2019, 05:26 PM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (62)

I know what I did was stupid and what not and I'm fully at fault for which I apologized to the racer whom I had made contact with, but the procedure wasn't followed when taking action and it is not the first time that the individual has done this.

edit. Replay in question

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