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In_pro11 BaRT application (Duke Tyge)
Posted by: Duke Tyge - 06-29-2020, 07:34 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (11)

Hi everyone

I made one application >>


- In-game name: BaRT
- PB time which meets our time requirements: Historic with FBM 1:11.68
- Country:  Estonia
- Your age:  25
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3):  S1.
- Your Safety:  93-94%
- Favorite Track and car: Historic, FBM.
- Why you want to join MRc Team: Good and active servers/players and the last team that is still active.
                                       - What do you expect from being in MRc: Activity, competitions with prizes(Licenses) & savings!

With respect,

Duke Tyge

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  Banned for no reason
Posted by: Thawolf16 - 06-26-2020, 10:29 PM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (1)

hi all

I was on the Mrc Formula Beginner race server and everything was normal at first

untill i suddenly was kicked out of the server with the following message

reason: Voting"

this must be a mistake because I never voted anything 

Please fix this 


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Accept11 TimDC's Application
Posted by: TimDC - 06-24-2020, 08:38 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (5)

- LFSW Username:timdecnodder
- In-game name:TimDC
- PB time which meets our time requirements:
   -XRG0:31.060 - 1:08.010 - 1:35.530 - WR-diff +0:02.960 - 9 Jun 2020, 21:05
   -XRG - 0:30.050 - 1:06.570 - 1:33.960 - WR-diff +0:02.780 - 18 Jun 2020, 19:06
- Country:Belgium
- Your age:26
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3):S3
- Your Safety:80.02%
- Favorite Track and car: XRG/FX2 BL2/WE2
- Why you want to join MRc Team:I was a part of MRc team back in 2009-2011, but had to stop for unforeseen circumstances, was graduating high school, looking for a job when me PC gave up on me, with it not being to high on priority lists, i notified Samix ([MRc] Sam) that i would not be active for the foreseeable future, and just got a new PC last year and started playing LFS again, also organizer of this event. -->
- What do you expect from being in MRc: Not much more than last time, having a good time with friends and getting better at the game by helping others and listening to the advise of others, and just relax and enjoy fair racing.

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Accept11 Return after a break
Posted by: WaszPan82 - 06-20-2020, 04:11 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (1)

- LFSW Username:     WaszPan82
- In-game name:    WaszPan82
- PB time which meets our time requirements:  BL2  1:13:08
- Country: Poland
- Your age: 37
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3):  S2
- Your Safety: ++
- Favorite Track and car: FE track and RB4 car or fxr
- Why you want to join MRc Team: Good Drivers , Best skills alot Fun
- What do you expect from being in MRc: Good competition, driving culture

I am not sure if the application is needed, if not sorry and best regards to the whole team

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12284211 Getting kicked for using the word "Anticipate"
Posted by: megatronus8010 - 06-20-2020, 01:17 PM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (5)

I was getting kicked on mrc Fbm demo server for using the word anticipate in the chat and lost a bunch of Safety Rating in the process. And so was Masiote(another user), while noone else got kicked for using it. Maybe it has something to do with us being Indian as we both are Indian.

Please look into it Mrc Overlords.

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Nuvola10 Servers Offline
Posted by: Simon - 06-12-2020, 08:41 PM - Forum: Demo Servers - Replies (1)

Servers are offline due to DDOS again will post again when we are back online.

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In_pro11 Licence competition
Posted by: gemini 95 - 05-31-2020, 05:19 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (10)

[Image: bannerjpg.jpg]

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Nuvola10 Got banned for having a bad name
Posted by: megatronus8010 - 05-22-2020, 08:55 AM - Forum: Complaints and Compliments - Replies (3)

So, I just bought lfs s2 today and decided to hop on to fbm saturday. I pressed join and failed to connect. 3042645098 I tried again and something like bad name, cannot join came up. I left it for a while and then tried again and this time got banned for getting kicked multiple times.

My ingame name is [MRc]frlegend . Is there something wrong with it Icon_question meanwhile I can join other mrc servers just fine. 


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Accept11 Coloflow
Posted by: Coloflow - 05-20-2020, 07:53 AM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (9)

- LFSW Username: Coloflow
- In-game name: Coloflow
- PB time which meets our time requirements: 1:11:98
- Country: Argentina
- Your age: 28
- License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): Demo
- Your Safety: 92,58%
- Favorite Track and car: BL Historic Invert, FBM.
- Why you want to join MRc Team / What do you expect from being in MRc: 

I have been playing this game since 2006, when it was played with the XR GT Turbo. I was proposed to join the team and I think it would be good given that I am from South America and when it is night here most Europeans and Asians sleep, so there are no administrators and sometimes it is a real chaos of users who do not follow the rules. I also have a good relationship with several members of the team with whom we compete daily. I also competed for four years in a category in my country, at the zonal level, which is why I know a lot about the FIA sports rules and I see illegal maneuvers every day. I think it would cost me a bit to explain to those who do not follow the rules since my English is basic, but I will try.
Now I have a lot of free time due to quarantine, but when normal life returns, my job is to make videos for race drivers, so on the weekends I am busy, I am also a car tester for a website in my country, so which I don't have much time but still there is always a free time for the LFS

I hope I can make a server more secure for when there are not the usual administrators and if anyone wants to teach me how to do 1.11, welcome!

Greetings to all.


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Accept11 emrekaans
Posted by: emrekaan - 05-18-2020, 08:22 PM - Forum: Applications - Join to MRc - Replies (5)

-LFSW Username- emrekaans
-In-game name:Emre*Kaan
-PB time which meets our time requirements: BL2/FBM :1.12.45
-Country: Turkey

-Your age:16
-License (Demo/S1/S2/S3): Demo
-Your Safety: %94.77
-Favorite Track and car: Blackwood/FBM
-Why you want to join MRc Team:I am online usually and i like lfs. Everyone on the team is respectful to each other 

-What do you expect from being in MRc: I expect fair good and fast racing also be faster and meet new people in the team.I would be proud to be in the team 

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