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Current outbreak

I would like to say i give everyone my best wishes and hope that you all stay safe regarding the outbreak of coronavirus which has overtook the previous bad epidemic of SARS , I would not wish it on anyone

The thing that has been advised to limit the risk is Always clean your hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer to stop the spreading from hands to mouth( which i am sure we all do ) and id go as far as wearing a face mask in crowded public places no matter how silly it may seem at the time. 

symptoms can take up to 14 days to manifest so even if someone at the time seems well it does not necessarily mean they do not have it. Even though health services are saying they are prepared for an outbreak i still believe that prevention is more important than the cure(which we do not have one as of yet).

Wish everyone well and fingers crossed that this outbreak is stopped as soon as possible, If i am unfortunate enough to contract it i have a few people that will inform others here.
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With this very threat getting more and more serious so climbs the chance that anyone of us might get it, we very well could recover without any serious problem and even for some be asymptomatic but then their may be some of us that might not be so lucky.
I know of people young and old, healthy and those with underlying health issues who have died, it honestly at the moment is a lottery of survival with no clear link between why some die and other's don't.
Complications from the onslaught of pneumonia can be the start of the slippery slope which we know but it's what is making these cases of pneumonia so unpredictable that is still baffling.

I'd like to finally add that if i end up unfortunate enough to contract the virus and not survive i would like to say while i have the chance that i am glad that i got to know so many people from all parts of the world and which without LFS or MRc i would never of got to know and respect. If anything does happen to me, my daughter and son both know to let someone know here.

stay safe and well all and thank you
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