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LFSW Username:JM91

In-game name: JM

PB time which meets our time requirements: BL HISTORIC FBM: 1:13:00

Country: Finland

Age: 28 next month

Licence: S2

Safety rating: 95,99%

Favourite track and car: BLH FMB And Aston tracks FOX
Why i want to join MRc: Im active driver on lfs and want to have a group to race with me (like the events for example) and to be part of a bigger group

My expectations: Well i really got none. im often online and most of the admins are nice and friendly and discord has been such aswell. So im not expecting anything else than a nice friendly bunch of people.

This dude gets my yes. Just be little nicers when defending please :D

(08-25-2019, 06:17 PM)Spe1l Wrote: This dude gets my yes. Just be little nicers when defending please :D
Roger that and thank you! I gotta change some of my setups anyway. Last lap is a like a Disney on ice show :D

Yes from me but give it a few days for others to respond.

I haven't seen him personally, seems others like this racer so i say yes also :)

yes from me, bloody fast and very clean, did some nice racing with him the other day

Yes. Very active lately and heard no troubles with him.

No problems noticed, been very active since july on our servers .
[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

Id like to add that i have scanned the log files and found that JM is always friendly and forgiving to others and fair when incidents happen, JM id like to say that the race incident that happened was a race accident and you need not worry i do not hold grudges, been a busy week for me so i am constantly having to suddenly disconnect/leave the server to run a few errands :)
[Image: isonline.bishtop.gif]

We hear no objections, so this couldn't be clearer.

Welcome in! Continue the clean racing and enjoy the rideĀ 1860791280

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