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Master Race Car has moved over to a new forum , powered by MyBB  
Why Icon_question 
-old forum was suffering from freezing and slowness more and more frequently
-It was hosted by Forumotion, and offered no full backups. Should you try to get the full database, the sanction would have been 2 years of prison and a fine of 150 000€.
-MyBB offers better integration with Discord, which is best place to get fast answers or ask for a driving company.
-Lots of new features (plugins)
-To ensure a stable forum for the next ten years of MRc's journey 

Few things to get you started 127446590
-Create a new account, and fill the form carefully. It is recommended to use same nickname as in old forum.
-Members, act according to instructions you have received in old forum's PM folder to get membership activated here.
-Threads from the old forum have been carried over to this forum. You can easily recognize the old threads: topic starter is MRcMain [Image: Annotation-2019-07-18-212009.png]
-You can post on old threads
- Unread boards are marked with [Image: Annotation-2019-07-18-201644.png], when you read them or press "mark this forum read", the icon changes to [Image: Annotation-2019-07-18-201714.png].

Huge thanks belongs to hardworking and passionate members who have brought the old forum to the state it has been. Thanks to Samix and skswat along other active members. It was an easy job to MRc's underpaid tech team to craft a new forum based on a great old one. Lot's of features are copied straight to new forum (smilies, thread icons etc.). Layout of the boards is slightly updated, as well as the roles and the corresponding badges.

If you have any questions, reply here or hit the MRc admin team on Discord or at the servers.


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